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We have had sunshine here for the last three days and now our backyard is finally drying out after all the rain we have had.

We were at Vernon Manor childrens home in Wabash on the 1st of June.  This is where Loretta Lynns mother, Clara Webb worked.  She worked here for many and she would mix up special salve for the children sores.  She made it from herbs from the hills of Kentucky and it really worked.  As I did the show I looked out at all the beautiful special children and thank the Lord for the lives they do have.

Our trip to the ranch in Hurricane Mills Tennessee was very rewarding.  We seen old friends and talked with Tim Cobb.  We took all the Tours and had a lot of good times.  I pray God will bless America great this 4th of July.  

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Welcome to Sounds of Loretta Lynn by Charlene.  This is a lip sync presentation concert of songs by Loretta Lynn the Queen of Country music.


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Facts and Thoughts

We both grew up loving country music, Loretta Lynn, being our favorite female country artist. While working at a nursing home, I discovered how difficult it was for the Activities Department to offer the residents activities that they really enjoyed. So, we thought of a plan. I got a wig and put together a Loretta Lynn outfit, and put on a 20 minute show of Lorettas music, the lyrics of which I lip-synced. The residents had so much fun and so did we! In March of 2003 I was asked to do our act at the Circus Hall of Fame Gala and Art Auction, an annual event in Peru Indiana. George, an amateur artist, donates drawings to be auctioned off to raise funds for this great organization. After the show I was approached by a staff member from a nursing home facility and asked to perform for their residents. Sounds of Loretta Lynn by Charlene was born on June 30, 2003, and on July 9, 2004 the 100 show was celebrated at Americare Living Center in Wabash, IN. George does all the computer work, sound equipment, photography, and driving. I tell the residents where we perform that, "He makes sure I am buttoned up, zipped up, and got my shoes on the right feet. He is wonderful and I could not do this without him. There is no charge for the show, however with the gasoline prices rising higher and higher a donation for travel is greatly appreciated. We feel like millionaires every time we finish a show and see the smiles on the faces of these sometimes forgotten people. Hugs, handshakes and smiles are a very important part of the show. We have people who have not spoken a word in months start to sing along. Family members tell us how special their family member feels when we do the old country music they remember. In April of 2004 we were honored as Volunteer of the Year at two different facilities, one in Wabash, IN and one in Peru, IN. I cried like a baby to receive such honors and now I know how Loretta must feel when she recieves any of her many awards. As long as the residents enjoy it and the Lord keeps us in good health we will continue with our shows. Here is a special note for everyone, take some time to visit your local nursing home, just walk down the hall and say hello, give the residents a smile, a hug or a hand shake and you will be surprised how it will warm your heart and make a very special day for someone and yourself. We have received many awards over the years. Here are some of the awards that we have received; WRTV Leadership, Gas America Home Tome Hero, Make a Difference Day, Volunteer of the Year(4 different facilities,)Indiana Health Care Association Volunteer of the year and The Jefferson (WRTV & Citizens Energy Group.)We completed Show 100 in July 2004, Show 500 in April 2007and Show 1000 in August 2013. We are looking forward to Show 1200.

Charlene and George   






                   The Butcher Holler House



Monthly Schedule





4 - Millers Merry Manor, Peru IN 7:00 PM

11 - Hickory Creek, Peru IN 7:00 PM

13 - Autumn Ridge, Wabash IN 2:00 PM

20 - Aperion Care, Peru IN 2:00 PM

26 - Millers Merry Manor, East, Wabash, IN 7:00 PM

27 - Millers Merry Manor, Logansport IN 2:00 PM